What Can I Expect?

For your first appointment, we would ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time in order to do some paper work.  Also to bring with you your Manitoba Health card.  You will probably want to wear some comfortable clothes.  If the patient coming in is under 18, we ask that a parent come with them in order to sign a consent form please.

For your first appointment, once your paperwork is complete you will be asked to wait in one of our two treatment rooms.  When Dr. Suderman is ready he will come in and speak to you regarding your symptoms, your history and what has brought you in to see him.  He may ask you to stand up, to walk, to lift one leg at a time to see how your body moves.  Once you have become acquainted and he has a better understanding of the situation it is time for the adjustments!  This will likely involve the drop table and a series of gentle manual adjustments.  After your treatment you may feel loose or a little sore.  It is important to drink lots of water.  Your entire first visit can take up to twenty minutes.

Subsequent or followup appointments usually take up to ten minutes.  Relief can sometimes be felt right away and again you should drink plenty of fluids.

At this time, there is not someone at the office who can speak low German, so if translation services are needed, please bring someone with you.  It’s not a problem, we are a family friendly office!  As such, children are more then welcome as well.

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